National Geographic Photograph Contest Winners

A superb collection of images from the winners of the 2012 National Geographic Photography contest. Take a look at the excellent images via the links to the earlier photographs from Parts one and two.

National Geographic Photo Contest Winners

Via The Atlantic: In Focus

Edwin Land Genius and the Story of Polaroid

Long before Instagram, Edwin Land’s brilliance and obsession with making a photo quickly for his 3-year daughter brought Polaroid “instant” photography to the world. Matt McCann’s fine essay about Polaroid and Christopher Bonanos new book about Land is well worth reading New York Times.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid

Macricostas Reflections in Grotto

After hiking the Pinnacle above the fields of the Macricostas, my friend Richard and I discovered some lovely reflections in the water in the grotto near the trailhead.

Macricostas Grotto Reflections

Reflections: oak leaves and Richard

On our way to Mt. Frissell by way of Bear Mountain in Connecticut, my friend Richard took this delightful self-portrait A great hike on a clear sunny day while I was there with Richard and Anne for Thanksgiving.

Oak leaves, reflected trees, rocks, and me


My friend Richard is an excellent photographer who’s got a very fine series going on reflections in ponds and streams that he sees while hiing sections of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. Here’s his latest:

Leaves, reflected trees, and me